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Hello there!

31st July ,Yes! Harry complete 39 years in Wizarding World from the boy who lived , the Chosen one to the Head Auror!

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day !

(belated) Happy Birthday Mr.Potter!

So, today I just want to share seven(7 seems to be a powerful magic number) qualities each one taken from one of the book of Harry Potter .

Let’s start,

  • Bravery : In Philosopher’s Stone although he was new to wizarding world he saved Philosopher’s Stone(along with Ron and Hermione)when it was in danger.

  • Kindness : In Chamber of Secrets he tricked Lucius Malfoy to give one of his socks to Dobby-the house elf ,so that Dobby can be free.

  • Patience : In Prisoner of Azkaban he waited until moony and padfoot clear the confusion about who was really responsible for death of his parents rather than considering his godfather wrong.

  • Selflessness : In Goblet of Fire he reached first to hostages but he returned last due to his determination to return all hostages to safety, not merely his own.

  • Leadership : In Order of Phoenix he leads the Dumbledore’s Army (D.A.) in which he not only teach spells to the members of D.A. but also encourage them.

  • Courageous : In Half Blood Prince he decided to be with Dumbledore when Dumbledore was trying to find and destroy one of the Horcrux (Salzar Slytherin’s Locket) even though Dumbledore alerted him that it was really dangerous.

  • Morality : In Deathy Hallows he use the Elder Wand only to join his own wand and then he put the Elder Wand in Dumbledore’s grave instead of using the most powerful wand forever.

He was really a great Gryffindor and also a very admirable seeker.

This are the qualities which I want to share, if you think there are any other then share it with me. Please let me know which is your favourite in Comment and yes stay connected!

Thank you.

Things most of the Potterheads do…

Hello there!

I am very big fan of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series. I just love to read and re-read the books and also to watch the movies.

This is my first blog on Harry Potter and I am writing some things which most of the Potterhead do and the reactions of peoples which are unaware about the magical world (we call them muggles) on them. So let the journey begin,

  • Teasing our younger brother or sister on his/her 11th birthday for not getting an owl from Hogwarts.
  • Most of the time if we are searching for something the first thing we do is Summoning Charm and every one is like what the hell are you doing.

  • Overthinking about the characters and imagining there future (or past of some characters).
  • We are always ready to read or watch the things related to Harry Potter and we are extremely furious if anyone distrub us.
  • Trying spells in real world and suggesting potions to use (although we know they never work😔).
  • We create Pottermore account to know our house and patronus.

  • Trying to buy most of the Harry Potter stuff (related to our Hogwarts house most of the time) or creat some simple diy of things related to Harry Potter.
  • Talking to every Cat and treating them as Professor McGonagall.

and many more things ….

As I am also a Potterhead, I have my Pottermore account and my house is Gryffindor (Yes! brave and stubborn) . Let me know what is your Hogwarts house in Comment and ya stay connected!

Thank you.